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It's that time of year when all the holiday parties begin!! We love planning, designing, and hosting parties during this season!!

We are gearing up for a fun 40th birthday party. Music, food truck, cake, cookies, and more! Can't wait for the festivities to begin. T minus 10 days! #houstoneventplanner #birthdayparty #thebig40

Four years ago today, I had the pleasure of witnessing 2 very special people say "I Do!" Rosemary and Arjay Visaya are truly some of the kindest, genuine people I have ever worked with! Happy anniversary!!! Wishing you many years of love and happiness!!!

So excited for the ceremony rehearsal and rehearsal dinner to get started!! Melissa & Chris Stark we love y'all!!

Here's two suggestions for new wedding and event planners, coming from someone who's been in the industry 10+ years and seen it all: (1) Just because you're new to the industry does not mean you should offer lower prices than everyone else. Not only does that negatively effect the industry, it also creates confusion with clients, and sets expectations that are not able to be met on a service level. If you want to make a career out of planning weddings and events, then charge as such. If you are great at what you do, clients will recognize that and pay what you're worth. Your experience and knowledge is priceless. (2) Don't copy other planners! Be original, tell YOUR story, be honest, have integrity, be professional at all times, and don't participate in unethical behavior. You will alienate yourself and lose business!

There is a HUGE difference between an event planner and a venue coordinator. It is so important to hire a professional event planner who specializes in planning, and who is unbiased about which vendors to hire and what venues to book. Of course your planner needs to have experience and an opinion on which vendors will provide YOU with the best service, but if your planner is directly connected to another vendor (i.e. venue coordinator, receiving kickbacks, or being paid a commission by a vendor) then your interests are not at the heart of the job for that planner. Those who are "jack of all trades" are doing their clients a disservice as well as themselves. My advice to brides or anyone hiring an event planner, hire an independent event planner and do not hire someone who is associated with a venue or other vendors, if you want the best direction and advice for your event.

There is a certain something inside of people who plan. We plan for everything and then plan again. We time things. We organize things. We direct things (and people). We anticipate the good, bad and ugly. We find solutions to problems. We juggle a huge number of tasks. We have a sense of wanting to give other people happiness and pleasure. We tweak and tinker with how to make things better constantly. We are creative. Some people call is type A personalities. Whatever you want to call it, those things are innate in us and we are happy to oblige anyone in need of a little planning. ;)

I want to give a shout out to a couple industry colleagues who turned friends. The wedding and event planning industry is very competitive, and not always the most supportive and forthcoming community, so having friends and people you can trust is so very important. Samantha with Soiréebliss! Events and Resha with Something To Celebrate have been two of the nicest and most supportive people in the wedding planning industry since I started planning weddings. They are amazing at planning & designing weddings, they are true professionals, and have always encouraged me as well as others. Having another wedding planner simply be your friend and supporter is life changing in this industry. I thank you both from the bottom of my heart. :)

Planning & Coordinating someone's most special and important day is a task that should not be taken lightly. That person is asking you to ensure that the memories created are unforgettable, emotional and beautiful ones; that every detail is accomplished and looks amazing no matter how small or large; that each guest is treated like royalty; and that they themselves are treated as though no other person on the earth matters other than the 2 of them in that moment and for that entire day. And that is exactly how it should be. The "job" of a planner / coordinator should never be taken lightly. It is an honor and a blessing, in which you have been awarded. Treat your brides and grooms as such, and you will be rewarded with loving and appreciative clients! :)

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We are a huge supporter of the following statement, "Hire a professional and let that professional do their job!" Yet sometimes hiring a professional is just not enough. Hiring the RIGHT professional is key! My tips for you as the bride or consumer: Ask lots of questions, get referrals from other professionals and clients, read reviews and comments, compare services and pricing, interview them, and then make a decision. Any professional who isn't comfortable with this isn't a professional. This applies in all industries. And we all know that price is not the deciding factor for most people. You get what you pay for, and true professionals will have a value that cannot be put into a dollar amount, and no one else can bring that to the table!

As a guest at a wedding what is your favorite part of the day? And why? It is so important for couples to plan their wedding and think about the people they are hosting it for, beyond just the two of them, even if it's just in the smallest way. Vows Food & drinks Entertainment & dancing Decor & lighting Cake and/or other desserts The extra stuff (photo booth, favors, etc.)

Rustic Lakeside Backyard Texas Wedding

When I was putting together these photographs, I began looking for what we always look for…details. And indeed the details are lovely. But what I ended up with, were the people. The madly in love, glowlingly gorgeous bride and groom. They make me happy. And after reading the bride’s story (they actu…

I am so honored and excited that one of our weddings was featured on Style Me Pretty! It so exciting to see so much beauty and love is captured in these photos by Jessica Welshans Photography (Jessica Gold Photography). Lauren and Josh were some of the sweetest and most genuine people I have ever had the pleasure of working with and I am a little sad that the planning is all over. Their wedding day could not have been more perfect! Check out the link to their feature on Style Me Pretty.